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Unreleased Apple products revealed in designer Hartmut Esslinger’s upcoming book »

German designer Hartmut Esslinger’s (the founder of Frog Design, the firm responsible for some of Apple’s most iconic products of the 1980s, including the Apple IIGS and the Macintosh II) new book Design Forward “overviews ‘strategic design’, and how innovative progression has sparked creative change in the consumer market, especially for one of the most successful American companies ever built: Apple.”

Esslinger provided the designboom team with photos of several product prototypes, including an all-in-one, dual-screen Mac workstation and a touchscreen-based Macphone — a stylus-based Mac fused with a corded telephone. There are also several different takes on the classic Macintosh design and a better look at the Tablet Mac prototype circa 1982.

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